Love comments on EU farm support payments


Commenting on news that some EU support payments to help dairy farmers have begun, Prospective UKIP Assembly Candidate for Newry & Armagh, Alan Love said:

“While any help for dairy farmers at this critical time is to be welcomed, these payments really only amount to EU window dressing. Very few, if any, farmers want handouts dressed up as “EU money,” but, in reality, is taxpayers’ money returned in the guise of EU charity. 

“Rather, farmers want to sell their milk for a fair price. It would be better by far if the United Kingdom Government and Northern Ireland’s Devolved Government were able to intervene to ensure fair farm gate prices for all sectors of the industry.”

Mr. Love added:

“It is time that the meddling European Union, run by unelected bureaucrats who care not a jot for the Northern Ireland farmer, was given its marching orders.”


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