A half-baked deal for parties not the people 


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, reacting to news that a political deal has been done in the talks has said :  

“My initial response is – This is a half-baked deal which paints the Talks parties as a bunch of political dilettantes – giving cover to the Armed IRA Council and remaining in Government against the wishes of public opinion.

“UKIP wants a deal which benefits the people not just the political parties, particularly as those parties have all contributed substantially to the financial mess which helped made a deal necessary in the first place. 

“We will be monitoring the delivery of this package, as details unfold over the coming months, to ensure that it delivers some real, tangible benefits for the people and is not just a means for parties to hold on to office because, as a party, we stand for a new kind of politics which is people-centred and focuses on people’s problems, not party self-interest. 

Mr McNarry added:

“We have made it clear we want to see the IRA Army Council’s links to Sinn Fein meaningfully ended and we will still look for progress on this front. UKIP wants Northern Ireland to succeed and for devolution to deliver a better life for our people and a future for our children.” 


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