Jones: EU red tape costs the United Kingdom £33billion a year


Commenting on the fact that EU Red tape costs the United Kingdom £33billion a year, UKIP Representative for Upper Bann, Councillor David Jones has said:

“Ratepayers all over this country struggle to pay their council tax bills and other monthly bills, and they then watch in utter dismay on an increasingly regular basis as local services are shut because of budget cuts.

“There must come a point when councils and government departments such as health and education cannot cut services back any further – though they could and should make cuts in other ways such as reducing top-tier management salaries – and meanwhile we as a nation are handing over £55 million a day to the EU.

“Earlier this year, an Open Europe report showed us that EU red tape costs the United Kingdom £33billion a year and the costs of a quarter of these regulations outweighs the estimated benefits. The more details of waste, unnecessary regulations and lack of transparency that emerges from the EU, whose accounts have not been signed off for 20 years, the more reasons pile up for us to leave this broken political union.”

Councillor Jones added:

“Given comments from both the French and German Premier’s and constant comments from the EU President, It has become increasingly evident that David Cameron’s much vaunted talk of a re-negotiation will come to absolutely nought. You cannot negotiate with a body that does not want to negotiate. It’s time to leave.”


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