McNarry – What have Michael O’Leary, Willie Walsh & Bertie Ahern in common?


What have Michael O’Leary, Willie Walsh and Bertie Ahern in common?  Answer: They are interfering in the UK referendum on leaving the EU.

UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA said:

“What business is Brexit – campaigning to succeed taking the UK out of the EU – got to do with Michael O’Leary of Ryanair who says that the ‘airline has a role to play in preventing Brexit?’  The same goes for IAG-CEO Willie Walsh saying ‘Brexit would place Ireland in a difficult position.’  I’ve no doubt that Irish businesses, indeed everybody in Ireland will be interested in seeing the status quo continue.  Has Mr Walsh a conflict of interest with Aer Lingus and British Airways both now being under his control?

“I would say to ‘everybody’ in Ireland – assuming the reference is to the Republic of Ireland -that the referendum on leaving the European Union is entirely a UK matter and is not subject to external interference.

“So what I protest are Newry, Mourne & Down District Council doing hosting a debate on Brexit with Bertie Ahern as a  speaker in a stacked pro-EU membership panel? A panel with no one invited to point out that the EU is costing us UK taxpayers £350 million a week.

“We British here in Northern Ireland must be wary of an onslaught of interference from our near neighbours (as the only part of the UK with a land border), who are intent on sticking their unwanted noses into our internal affairs.  We British must be alert to  a one sided promotion along the Border by Republican/Nationalist controlled Councils pushing the pro EU party lines by inviting southern interests to interfere in our internal affairs.

“It’s a disgrace that the pan-nationalist Republican United Ireland dogma is raising its ugly presence. It has been reinvented for the purpose of promoting the Irish Republic’s support for the EU and foisting a fast-developing Pro-United Ireland – Pro EU membership element into the BREXIT debate.

“UKIP would not as a party trespass into the Irish Republic. No one living in that jurisdiction should be trespassing into Northern Ireland’s affairs over EU membership.  It is a poor show and shoddy performance to demonstrate such disrespect for British people in the matter of their EU membership.”


This is a set up jobthe Chairperson of the Newry, Mourne & Down District Council Cllr Naomi Bailie, Sinn Fein states on the Council website promoting the event for this Thursday –

 “We are delighted to be hosting a conference of this calibre in Newry to really kick start the discussion about the impact of a ‘Brexit’ decision on the north of Ireland and across these islands. We believe there is a lack of understanding about how detrimental an exit would be particularly for the north of Ireland as we would be the only region with a land border with an EU member. It would severely affect civic society, trade and free movement particularly in border regions where we have many cross border workers, cross border businesses and cooperation between organisations.

“While we are opposed to an exit we welcome the opportunity to get a full understanding”


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