McNarry: Our taxes still being used to send child benefits abroad 


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said if doubters that we need to exit the EU need a red alert signal – this is it.
Mr McNarry said:

“The EU Court of Justice has made a ruling that migrant parents can send back their child benefits to their home country. What’s going on, I demand to know?

“Our hard-earned money and taxes, desperately needed for hospitals, for schools, for housing and for the vulnerable, is being taken and used to send benefits to another country. The thinking of this Court Ruling is not just more euro-madness, it is deeply irresponsible. It’s now clear that there is absolutely no way David Cameron will be successful in re-negotiating EU Rules with this bunch of EU judges forcing this type of demand on the British people.

“The European Union’s top court ruled yesterday that migrant workers can claim child benefit even if their children live in a different country. The European Court of Justice confirmed that parents living in one member state are entitled to claim the welfare payments and send them to their children living in another. The judgment, in the case of a man in Germany whose child was living with his ex-wife in Poland, comes as the Prime Minister prepares to set out his demands for EU reform.”

McNarry added:

 “Under EU law the UK has lost control of who it can hand benefits to. Un-elected EU judges have ensured the UK cannot stop child benefit payments from being exported to the continent, despite promises by the PM to end the practice. The Cameron renegotiation of our EU membership is going nowhere. The only way to take back control is to vote to leave the EU.”


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