UKIP Representative for Upper Bann, Councillor David Jones has given his and UKIP’s support to Junior Doctors as they seek a better deal. 

Cllr Jones said: 

“There are those who try to deflate this argument regarding Junior Doctors by saying that the issue is one over money. While money does indeed have an important role, one factor that cannot be overlooked is working hours of seventy plus hours a week.

As one Junior Doctor put it recently after a long shift; they frequently remain at work to update patient notes which add to their already long working day. Often it is home and into bed ready for the next shift.

This must be taken in line with the continual study that takes place and with continual assessment. If they fail one, they have to repeat. No account is taken for long working hours.

Each of us want a better and more responsive NHS. If we have to go to A&E, we will be seen by a junior Doctor. Just imagine if that Doctor has been working a twelve hour shift when they see you. Are they liable to be bright eyed and busy tailed? 

Even a long distance lorry driver has to adhere to working times.”

Commenting further, Cllr Jones added:

“If we want a better NHS, we must make sure we can attract Doctors. Shortages have caused problems with GP’s. We have many young and bright students. We need to keep them and train them. The Government can no longer rely upon the ‘good will’ of medical employees, Doctors and nurses, to keep the NHS afloat. That is an affront to dedicated front line staff dealing with life and death issues daily.

We support the Junior Doctors. We hope you will too. Your life might depend on them.”


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