McNarry sees bright future for UTV brand 


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has welcomed the big vote of confidence in the UTV brand which the ITV purchase represents.

“The purchase of UTV by ITV and the retention of the UTV brand is a big vote of confidence in our local broadcaster. I wish UTV well in future and I trust that their loyal staff who have done such a first rate job are protected in their posts in the new arrangements. The public have great confidence in UTV’s news broadcasting as is evidenced by consistently strong viewer figures. No-one could fail to be impressed by the network presence of UTV, seen recently in its superb coverage of the Rugby world cup.”

Mr McNarry added:

“So I see the ITV take over as just another chapter in what has been a 50 year success story. It will help bring Northern Ireland closer to mainstream life in the UK and deepen our engagement with the rest of the country.”


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