McNarry: UKIP way ahead of SNP in looking after concerns for lifelong carers


McNarry says UKIP are way ahead of the SNP in looking after concerns for lifelong carers

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“I have championed the rights of carers since introducing an Assembly Bill some years ago, seeking the prevention of carers losing their allowance when reaching Pension Age. This is a disgraceful situation for life’s unsung heroes.

The cause of carers is not one to be tossed about by parties in the position to make a difference for carers, they talk big but actually do nothing for carers.

I welcome Nicola Sturgeon’s support for carers in Scotland and will lend my support to her, entrusting she will reciprocate by supporting UKIP in Northern Ireland and our fight for carers’ rights here.”


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