MCNARRY: No show Lord Carlisle – why?



David McNarry UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland

No show Lord Carlisle – why?

“Thursday 14th October was according to the ‘in the know’ political commentators the date for the ‘Security Assessment Panel under Lord Carlisle’ to release its report on paramilitary criminality!

Has the ‘no show’ been caused by the ‘Unfinished Work’ initiative launched by the Loyalist Communities Council on Tuesday? Has the initiative introduced new elements for political consideration which the panel didn’t have presented to them by the N.I.O?

Has the absence of a similar or reciprocal declaration of intent by the IRA put the provisional republican movement on the back foot? I repeat my call ‘let’s have today a declaration of the IRAs intent.

These are questions requiring answers. One thing for sure is that should it transpire that the loyalist initiative have provoked a panel re-write causing delay then it is clear tampering at the highest level has taken place.
The panels assessment report should be released publically now without delay.”


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