Will Westminster foot the bill for refugees?

Will Westminster foot the bill for refugees?


David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“I welcome Northern Ireland playing its full role in assisting in delivering the national quota of Syrian refugees coming to the UK.

I would hope to meet these refugees on arrival or when they have settled in. They are our guests until they return home as and when it is appropriate.

Of course this quota comes at a cost which Northern Ireland cannot afford to pay, the cost for 400 refugees over the next few years is estimated at over £6 million by Martin McGuinness. I expect Westminster to foot this bill in total.

It is incumbent on the Executive to keep the public fully informed about the refugees. They need to be safely accommodated, fed, educated and looked after in terms of health. The relationships between the refugees and the public need to be handled sensitively.

The numbers and costs makes one wonder how Mr McGuinness would pay for 2000 non-selected migrants he wanted to take in they would cost an estimated £30million.”


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