JONES & HIGGINSON respond to B&Q Store Closures

UKIP Representatives respond to B&Q Store Closures



Commenting on this news, UKIP Representative in Upper Bann, Councillor David Jones said:

“It is sad and deeply regrettable news that five B&Q stores in Northern Ireland are to close, with the loss of about 300 jobs. Unfortunately one of those five closures is the Craigavon store, due to close by the end of the year.

This is not good news for those employees who will lose their jobs and it is increasingly bad news for the Craigavon area, as it loses one of its anchor stores.”

Also commenting on the store closures, UKIP Representative for Lagan Valley, Brian Higginson said:

“Another blow and more sad news as further jobs are being lost across the country. Yet again we have a big blow to Lisburn with the B&Q store closing at sprucefield.

How much more are the DUP going to let the City of Lisburn deteriorate? I don’t see much of a coherent investment policy from the local council, nor do I hear of much being done by our locally elected representatives to bring much needed jobs and business to Lisburn.”


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