McNarry: It’s time to answer my questions DFM McGuiness

PUT UP OR SHUT UP’ SAYS MARTIN MCGUINESS: Well how about answering my letter to you says David McNarry MLA.The UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland reports: 
“On the 3rd August 2015, I wrote to the deputy First Minister putting the following two questions:-

1. Is the Peace process dependent on the adoption of Westminster Policies?

2. When or if, Stormont collapse does this mean a return to violence?

Hearing the obviously agitated Martin McGuinness going public with his ‘Put up or Shut up’ challenge. My challenge to him is to answer my letter.

A letter in which I also suggested to him that he must extricate himself from his nonsensical choice over Welfare Reform when putting himself into a corner by saying ‘Benefits would not change for this and future generations.’

On all three issues posed by me in my letter I state publically it’s time for Martin McGuinness to put up or shut up.”


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