Councillor Noel Jordan welcomes Councillor Donna Anderson to UKIP


“I would like to welcome Councillor Donna Anderson into UKIP. Donna has served the people of Ballymena in Mid and East Antrim Borough Council with great dedication. Now she is bringing her considerable skill and experience as a Councillor into UKIP and UKIP is delighted to welcome her.

UKIP, as far as Northern Ireland is concerned, is a party of the future, not of the past. It is a nationally relevant part and a party which bonds Northern Ireland closely into the mainstream of British politics, in a way local parties will never do. UKIP brings a new unionism to Northern Ireland, a unionism that puts the people first, at the very centre of what we do. UKIP will not let you down.”

Commenting, Councillor Donna Anderson said : “I want my constituents to know that nothing has changed for them. I will still be there, serving their needs and interests as I always have. I dedicate myself anew to their service. UKIP is a party which will look after them and serve them well. UKIP is the future.”


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