Alan Love represents UKIP in Cork debate 


 Alan Love, a UKIP Representative in Lisburn, represented the party in a debate at University College, Cork, Law Society on 16 September.

The debate was on whether the UK should leave the EU with a Republic of Ireland viewpoint. Speaking against the motion was Gary Fitzgerald, Chairperson of the Irish Centre for European Law.

Commenting on the event, Mr Love said:
“Predictably, given the very different views of the European Union between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, I lost the motion. Fears over trade barriers at the border and the effects of UK and Irish immigration policy, should they diverge, were the main drivers.

However, I was delighted to note that there was general agreement that the issue of immigration needed to be robustly debated.
I was also pleased that many of the students in the audience told me later that they had altered their view of UKIP from the negative media image they had been presented with up until then.”


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