UKIP challenge all parties to back Nurses campaign

UKIP challenge all parties to back Nurses campaign


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA, who has been supporting our local nurses’ campaign for improved pay, terms and conditions is challenging ALL other parties to back the Nurses!

Mr McNarry said:

 “Of course constitutional settlements, Welfare Reforms and disbanding the Provo Army are crucial to the future and need to be sorted.

But, so too is a settlement, long overdue, for our resilient nurses. These key workers, often going beyond the line of duty do not know if a pay award is heading their way.  They have had years of pay restraints including 2 years of a pay freeze.

It is outrageous that these professionals who help and comfort us in our time of need are given no comfort for their needs and stress.  Nurses should not find themselves facing hardships.

My challenge is; don’t walk away from this, don’t even begin to equivocate!  Just do what’s right to end this disgraceful situation”.


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