JONES commends PSNI for cannabis factory closure


UKIP Representative for Upper Bann, Councillor David Jones has commended the local PSNI for the the closing down of a cannabis factory in Selshion Parade in Portadown. 

Reports have suggested that 500 plants were seized, 80 mature plants and 420 small plants. 

Commenting, Councillor David Jones said:

“I would like to pay tribute to the local PSNI for their work. It is good to see this type of operation being successful, removing these drugs off our streets and away from our young people. 

Only those who have had to live with a family member addicted to these drugs know the full horror that they can inflict. Although regarded as a ‘soft’ drug, experience has shown that they can lead to the use of harder, potentially life threatening drugs. Make no mistake: In the long term drugs kill.”

Councillor Jones added:

“Concerns have been expressed by some locals about the time elapse for police to act on the issue. While we can fully appreciate the frustration, please remember that the PSNI have to work using evidence, and proceed carefully in case the criminals involved become aware of them and move on or destroy the evidence.

Our message is quite clear: If you have knowledge of any drugs activity in your area, please  inform the police. If you are not comfortable with this, then inform your local Councillor, MLA, Minister or other local representative. In the long term you could potentially save someone’s life.”


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