#SayNoEuTour : Nigel Farage in Belfast


What a night!  Last night, a packed house of 300 people were in attendance in Belfast as the ‘Say NO To EU Tour’ rolled into town. 

The largest Eurosceptic campaign ever seen moved onto Belfast and the event was held at the Park Avenue Hotel in the East of the City. The rally was the second stop of a 300 stop nationwide tour aimed at persuading us to ‘seize the moment of a lifetime’ and vote to sever ties with Brussels.

Those in attendance from throughout Northern Ireland watched and listened to every word as the UKIP Leader and EFDD Co-President Nigel Farage made the case clear for voting to leave this straight-jacket of a European Union.

Nigel said: 

“This is a referendum brought about by UKIP’s campaigning over decades. We believe in our country, our people and our own Parliament.  This country can do so much better if we govern ourselves and control our borders.”

The UKIP Leader’s hour long passionate speech called for us in Northern Ireland to play our part in;  “helping to free the UK from the European Union.”

“Outside of the EU, we can make our own laws, spend our own money on what our own Parliament decides on anything from fishing to farming without being dictated to, and crucially control the level of immigration coming into the country as well.”

On the immigration issue that will likely dominate this referendum campaign, Nigel added:

“As a country, we need to be able to determine our own destiny. EU membership means unlimited immigration. By voting to leave the European Union we can introduce a sensible and robust system. Now is the time to take back control of Britain’s borders and implement an Australian style points system”

After speaking on the reasons why we must get out of this flawed political union for well over an hour, Nigel received a standing ovation from the passionate audience. UKIP are out in front, leading the NO charge in this referendum campaign. It’s time to leave!

Thank you to everyone that attended the event. For those that didn’t get the chance this time, keep an eye out for the next date.

Join us and Say NO To The EU!



The video of Nigel’s full speech will be available online soon. 


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