We can do without party political posturing

McNarry calls for stability, confidence and committment


David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“Today is a grim day for Northern Ireland.  We can do without Party Political posturing.

What the people are crying out for is stability, confidence and commitment.  It is crucial that the Assembly finds a way to be back in touch with the needs of the public.  People need to know that direct rule is not the consequence of failure.  But that failure is not on the talk’s agenda.  Those found culpable in bringing Stormont down will not be forgotten.

The answer is not either to be found in plunging politics into a bluff patch up waiting on the next time to be torn apart.

The question is; can differences be settled once and for good.  Therefore it is time for honest Leadership to be stand up and demonstrate that democratic politics are workable.”


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