McNarry: Roads industry has only three weeks work ahead of it


MLA laments bad planning by DRD and says its departing ‘bicycle and bus Minister’ has left a terrible legacy for road users

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has spoken out about the condition of Northern Ireland’s roads and the Department of Regional Development’s lack of forward planning and support for the aggregates and quarrying industry which has left the industry with only three week’s work ahead of it.

He said:

“The departing Minister, who was in love with buses and bicycles, has left us with an absolutely dire situation on the province’s roads, particularly for all car and vehicle owners. Road surfaces have never been in a worse state. It is a terrible legacy for Minister Kennedy to leave behind him.”

“The roads industry is dependent on picking up scraps of work from budgetary monitoring rounds for what are known as shovel-ready contracts. This is grossly unfair to the industry which is left relying on a quarterly drip-feed of money. 

No one could run a business on this wing-and-a-prayer situation. It is time the Department of Regional Development got its act together and gave our quarries and roads industry a more stable future.”

Mr McNarry added:

“While I accept that this is the raw side of the cuts, I believe it could be managed far better by the department and its Minister. Poor planning by the department has left owners, investors and workers clutching at straws, waiting on work.

It’s not as if our roads were brilliant to start with; they are rubbish and getting worse. Given the appalling state of our roads, can it really be true that the roads industry has only three weeks work to go before the work runs out? This cannot be true – can it?”


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