MCNARRY calls for a win-win resolution over Milk


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland has called for a win-win resolution over Milk

David McNarry MLA has said:

“The milk farmer needs a bit more in his price – the wholesaler and the retailer need to make a profit and the householder wants the best possible price in the shops. Let’s help!

‘It is shocking to hear young farmers with families, probably third generation farmers talking of their difficulties in holding onto their farms. Let’s help!

‘Farmers are not only businessmen facing the perils of profit and loss, they are the main custodians of our land environment. Without them our landscape would be left to turn into wild jungles. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Let’s help!’

‘Surely the milk – dairy farmer can get an increase – the wholesaler – processor can take a slight decrease and the retailer can do the same – all working together from an agreed unit price which costs the shopper a bit more but ends with a spread of prices everyone can live with. The banks/lenders must also be in the mix and play their part.

‘The solution won’t be found in Brussels, London or Belfast unless the industry wants to create political interference.

‘The agricultural industry is our most important economic contributor. Across all sectors farmers are feeling serious pressures. They deserve to hear from a Minister actioning a local pathway out of the difficulties and into stability for the industry. ‘


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