McNarry: Beware of Corbyn’s reckless betrayal of the Union 


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA responding to Jeremy Corbyn MP visiting Belfast this week says:

 “Mr Corbyn is as much a danger to the Union as is Gerry Adams and Nicola Sturgeon.  He is anti-British Union and a declared United Irelander.”

Mr McNarry added:

 “Across the whole of the UK the only safe home for previous Labour supporters is in UKIP.  How can they vote for a Labour Leader who will jump into bed with Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Provo’s.”

“Last night in Belfast, Jeremy Corbyn MP wallowed in his all Ireland tent choosing to deny Labour party supporters the right to field candidates in Northern Ireland.  Corbyn’s clear directive as Labour Leader will be to vote Sinn Fein.”

“The dangers are explosive  – where Sinn Fein refuse to take their seats at Westminster, because they won’t swear an oath to the Queen.  A Labour party under the control of Mr Corbyn will give them a voice in Parliament and pursue their policies by proxy.”

“I urge Labour members to beware the man who would not in local interviews ‘Condemn IRA violence ‘ who will champion the cause of Irish Republicans and be a willing mouth-piece for Sinn Fein and who in promoting a United Ireland will willingly breakup the Union.” 


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