MCNARRY: PSNI have a clear line of investigation into the Isle of Man bank account


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“The NAMA revelations are sensational enough to bring governments in both Belfast and Dublin tumbling down. The element of ‘fixer’ handouts is nothing new in international bidding deals. What is clear, however, is that fixers cannot operate without political clout clearing the pathway. Fixers are only paid when a successful bid transpires. The PSNI now have a clear line of investigation into the fixers payment put into an Isle of Man bank account. I suggest that they pursue vigorously such a line of enquiry.

Mr McNarry added:

“The public need to know not just who the fixers are but also who assisted them in fixing a deal worth a £6 million combined kickback to them. Not only that, but the PSNI need to find out who the fixers used with sufficient political clout and access to do the fixing.”


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