McNarry: Day-Glow Orange painted street lights would improve road safety and save costs


McNarry calls for Day-Glow Orange painted street lights would improve road safety and save costs

Arising out of evidence given by DRD Officials at today’s DRD Committee on 20 mph speed limits, Committee member and UKIP NI Leader David McNarry MLA commented:  “The Department has created five hundred 20 mph zones as targeted measures at a cost of over £20 million.

“They are working on 20 mph pilot speed limit areas using signage only which when introduced across the board would cost up to £26 million.  BUT it will be 3 more years at least before the findings of the pilots are concluded.”

Mr McNarry says: “I support 20 mph speed limits at hospitals, schools, nursing homes and housing areas where open spaces are used by children, young families and the elderly but I remain anxious over accidents causing injuries to pedestrians.”

“Therefore I am suggesting that in all built up areas with a speed limit, the street lights should be painted in Orange Day Glow Paint, 3 metres high from the bottom of the stanchion, covering all lights 150 metres before entering a built up area and 150 metre into a built up area.”

The department could recruit trainees seeking employment for this painting contract.”

“Today’s grey steel concrete street lights in built up areas are not noticed by motorists or recognised as indicators for speed limits. Painting a bright day glow orange will be noticeable and will highlight the safety factor of careful driving in built up areas.  I propose a worthwhile safety factor for drivers and pedestrians alike.” 

“I am staggered at the costs of speed limit signs and road humps.  Painting the street lights would create significant savings.”

PS: I will probably be booked for speeding now!


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