McNarry calls on community to support carers in carers week


Carers used as cheap labour by cynical government says UKIP MLA

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“Once again, we are all in annual carers week (8th-14th June), raising awareness of the unsung heroes I admire and have continually supported. Their contribution to the local economy is around £4.4 billion a year, yet they are forgotten by some and used as cheap labour by a cynical government. For some time, I have been campaigning to remove the obnoxious policy of removing carers allowance from those who reach pension age. In times when we have such substantial growth in the ageing population, this is in my opinion using carers as hostages in their own home situations. I appeal to this caring society of ours to support carers, especially lifelong carers, not just during carers week but every week of the year.”


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