MCNARRY: Stormont black hole comes as no surprise to UKIP


McNarry speaks of the overall financial mismanagement by the Executive: It’s more than just Foster’s £2.8 billion welfare black hole

David McNarry MLA, UKIP leader in Northern Ireland, speaking of Finance Minister Arlene Foster’s executive paper which speaks of a £2.8 Billion black hole, has said:

“This black hole comes as no surprise to UKIP. I have persistently warned about the widespread financial mismanagement at Stormont. While welfare reform will have a major effect, I question what this Executive has been hiding from the public for the last 4 years?”

He added:

“Of course, these revelations about figures are based on Stormont handing over responsibility for benefits to a Permanent Secretary acting under London’s direction. To allow London to retake control of a devolved responsibility is an admission of the complete failure of this Executive with less than a year left for it to remain in office.”


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