DAY looks forward to an In/Out referendum on the European Union

UKIP Mid-Ulster candidate Alan Day looks forward to an In/Out referendum on the European Union

Mr Day stated:

 “I would like to thank my election team and pay tribute to our leader Nigel Farage. I welcome the quadrupling of the UKIP vote to almost 4 million across the UK.  Unfortunately the first past the post electoral system worked against us with the SDLP and Plaid Cymru taking 3 MP`s on only 100 thousand votes or so each yet UKIP beat Plaid on votes in Wales alone – under Proportional Representation UKIP would have gained 82 MP`s.  The consolation being UKIP gains at the local council level.

“I would echo calls for the Prime Minister to form a cross party constitutional convention to secure the Union and to look into reform of the electoral system. UKIP are the only party to have elected representatives in all 4 constituent parts of the UK and we now have a great base for securing seats in the upcoming election in the Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly”

“Lastly I would urge the Prime Minister to honour his pledge to hold an In/Out referendum on membership of the undemocratic European Union. I look forward to campaigning on the side of the `Better Off Out` campaign – perhaps the DUP could clarify if they still support this campaign since both MEP Diane Dodds  and Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster have both recently stated preference for renegotiation of EU membership before taking a stance on whether we should leave the EU.”

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