McNarry refutes untrue Labour propaganda issued to local trade union members


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said:

“UKIP hold their heads high as the only party with a fully costed manifesto said by expert commentators to be a reliable assessment of the situation with promises than can be kept. UKIP are terrifying the elite establishment as the ‘People’s Purple Army.’ Both the ‘Red Army’ and the ‘Blue Brigade’ have let the people down and panicked everyone with austerity measures. Who left the borders wide open for hundreds of thousands to walk in? Ed Milliband did. UKIP is a non-sectarian, non-racist party with a multi-cultural membership. We say what people are really thinking.”

Speaking of a Labour Party Research Department leaflet issued to local trade union members, Mr McNarry added :

“This is a Labour party publication and it is based on the 2010 UKIP manifesto and not on the current 2015 manifesto. Nigel Farage has already dismissed and disowned this paper from 5 years ago. This shows a deliberate intention by the Labour Research Department, who issued the original leaflet, to deceive people. I want to emphasise that the claims made in this leaflet are untrue and designed to deceive people. I am sure union members who are not Labour Party Milliband supporters will wonder how much money their union is giving Milliband’s Labour Party so that it can spin untruths such as this.”

Mr McNarry added:

“It is, for example deliberately untrue that UKIP will raise taxes for the poorest taxpayers. UKIP will actually raise the amount you have to earn before you even start pay tax to £13,500.  UKIP will increase apprenticeships and even build apprenticeship training into the schools’ curriculum. UKIP will do one thing that all parents who worry about their children getting a job should take note of. It will have British jobs for British workers. We are the only party that can be trusted to control immigration. Labour is running no candidates at all in Northern Ireland. That says all you need to know about Ed Milliband’s commitment to workers in Northern Ireland.”


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