UKIP call on ‘All Parties’ to agree to ‘Hassle Free Entry for Voters at the Polling Stations’


UKIP Northern Ireland Leader David McNarry has said : 

“The spectacle of party punters wrestling with each other outside polling stations in order to pitch a candidate leaflet into the hands of the voter is both unruly and unedifying”.

The MLA for Strangford added:

“People going to the Polling Station have made their mind up as to which candidate they will vote for.  Putting them through a form of running the gauntlet is just not on.  I have people expressing their frustration and anger over this intrusive circus outside the polling stations”.

The Northern Ireland voters are among the most mature in the world.  They deserve to be treated with respect, not tossed about in a frenzy to get rid of bits of paper,” says McNarry.

“I make this genuine call to All Parties to stop the hustling and give the voters a break.  Exercising one’s democratic right to vote is of great value to many people.  Please don’t interfere with the voters’ access to the polling stations”.


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