UKIP challenge Alliance Minister for using official car for electioneering 

UKIP challenge Alliance Minister for using official car and driver to take him to CityBeat election debate at UU

Commenting after attending an all party Election Debate held this afternoon at the University Of Ulster Coleraine Campus, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry said he was  “astonished to see goody goody two shoes Mr Farry breaking the ministerial code.”

He added:

“Is this a matter for reprimand? Surely it must be? 

This is surely clear abuse of public money being used for electioneering purposes by a Minister?”

“How ironic it is to see this Minister, the very same Minister who has been cutting funding from the universities using his official Ministerial car to electioneer in a university environment?”

Minister Farry was deputising for his leader David Ford at the debate which was organised by Q Radio and CityBeat FM. UKIP now asks the question: Is it now common practice for Alliance ministers to electioneer using their official car and driver?


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