DAY compares DUP to SNP 

UKIP Westminster candidate for Mid Ulster, Alan Day, has responded to comments in The Guardian newspaper by DUP MP Nigel Dodds on English votes for English laws.

Alan stated “The SNP and DUP have a lot more in common than many unionists would care to admit.  Both arch-regionalists have found common cause over plans for English votes for English only legislation whilst both hoard power in a local Assembly/Parliament whilst simultaneously supping from the Westminster teat and blaming any woes on the UK government.  

“It is for this reason the DUP have often been called `Ulster Nationalists` and it is for this reason that the DUP were excluded from the televised leaders debates including the recent one by Forces TV (an independent news organisation focused on all aspects of the British Armed Forces).  

The DUP will have to accept that a diminution of Northern Irish influence at Westminster is a just and natural consequence of devolution and pseudo-Ulster nationalism opposed to ‘London rule’”

“If elected as MP I will not be voting on English or English & Welsh only matters and I will be calling for a constitutional convention to not only look into a devolved English Parliament but also full UK federalism, including the possibility of the House of Lords acting as a Senate representing the devolved nations.”

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