JORDAN: I want a new kind of people’s politics for East Antrim


“Many people have told me on their doorsteps they have stopped voting because they believe their voice and concerns do not count. UKIP says they do count and we are listening. We take seriously what the people say and will do our best to implement what people want. We are not just interested in talking to people every 5 years. UKIP is about doing politics in a new way, a way that keeps the people in the picture and involved. We listen to what people think – unlike the parties of old, we do not tell them what they are allowed to think. We will hold referendums on important issues.

I am very much a people’s person. I don’t belong to the elite that govern us. I have the same concerns that everyone else has. I worry about paying the bills. I worry about my children getting a job. I worry about what I will have to live on when I get old. Like most parents I worry about our young people. Northern Ireland has the highest youth unemployment in the UK and 80% of 18-24 year olds who have jobs earn less than the living wage. Cheap foreign labour has pulled down pay levels. People in power pretend that immigration is not an issue but we all know it is. 

Many parents worry about immigrants taking a job that might have gone to their children. People see the pressure immigrants place on doctor and hospital waiting lists and on social housing. UKIP is not anti-immigrant but let’s be sensible about controlling the quantity and quality of immigration.

UKIP will shift the balance in the National Health Service, away from administration towards clinical services. We will scrap university fees for students studying medicine, science, maths and engineering, on condition that they work and pay tax in this country for five years after graduating. 

We want a new mission for our secondary schools built around skills training and apprenticeships and we will also support our Grammar schools.  We know how hard it is for families to make ends meet and will lift the level at which you pay tax to £13,500. We will cut our enormous foreign aid spending by £9 billion a year. It will still be at the same level as the USA and higher than Italy and Spain put together. Does this not sound fair? That £9 billion of savings we will spend at home.

We must rescue our own people from the humiliating need for food banks and old people from the choice of heating or eating. We will try to help those trapped in negative equity and centre government spending on people rather than on big projects to boost politician’s egos. Because we pay billions more into the EU than we take out, after leaving the EU we could still support all the grants like single farm payments but still have extra billions a year to spend on our people at home. Finally, don’t believe the scare tactics from certain politicians over the Barnett formula. If Barnett goes, Northern Ireland will do at least as well as it does now under a new needs-based exercise. Believe me, Northern Ireland is genuinely needy. It’s time for a a new people centred politics in East Antrim. It’s time to vote UKIP!”


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