DAY responds to Sinn Fein comment on the European Union

UKIP Westminster candidate for Mid Ulster, Alan Day, has responded to comments by Sinn Fein on membership of the European Union.
Alan stated:
“Sinn Fein have stated our agriculture industry and rural communities continue to reap the benefits of European Union membership through the Rural Development Programme. Do Sinn Fein think this is free money?  This is UK taxpayers money.  Leaving the EU would save £55 million per day. UKIP have outlined a UK Single Farm Payment to replace the EU equivalent.
Alan continued:
“Michelle O`Neill also stated that “The European Fisheries Fund has made a significant contribution to our commercial fishing and coastal communities” but she failed to mention that the UK (which, by the way Sinn Fein ,happens to including Northern Ireland) has almost 70 per cent of Europe’s fishing grounds but only 13 per cent percent of its fishing quota. The Common Fisheries Policy opened up the UK’s fish to all EU member states. Now we must import fish species such as cod, haddock and huss that our own fishermen are forced to throw overboard – usually dead – because of EU rules (£130 million of fish is dumped annually under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy.). By leaving the EU we can give our fishing industries a huge boost.”
“Northern Ireland deserves better than Sinn Fein `pie in the sky` economics.  UKIP are the only party that have produced a fully costed manifesto signed off by respected economic think-tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research.

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