Stoker speaks out about lack of nursery provision in South Belfast


UKIPs Bob Stoker speaks out on lack of nursery provision in South Belfast, specifically Sandy Row, Donegall Pass and Donegall Road

Bob Stoker UKIP candidate for South Belfast has condemned the shambles of lack of nursery provision in the local area covering Sandy Row, Donegall Pass and Donegall Road. He has written to the Education authority requesting that additional provision is made especially when the facilities are available.

He said

“I wish to bring the lack of nursery provision in South Belfast to the attention of the Education Authority Belfast Region.

As you are aware, our local nursery school – Arellian Nursery School was heavily oversubscribed and as a result, many children in their Pre-School year were not allocated any nursery provision.

The government are telling everyone that employment is better, but employed people are being treated less favourably than those who unfortunately are not in employment.  How does the government expect people to go to work, when there are not nursery places available for working parents?

Children are being disadvantaged because of the lack of forward planning into nursery provision in South Belfast.

As the formative years are of critical importance to a child’s life skills, I am requesting that the authority consider carefully the provisions that are available as it is clearly not sufficient to meet need.

With this in mind, why when there is room for expansion at Arellian Nursery School or classrooms available in Blythefield Primary School is current provision not being extended?  I would like you to justify why you are disadvantaging the children of South Belfast when you have the ability to meet need.”


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