MCNARRY to Kennedy: Pack your bags and go!


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David MCNARRY MLA has today blasted Minister Danny Kennedy  for reprehensible decision to concentrate on his election contest rather than his ministerial duties

Mr McNarry, commenting on Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy’s postponement of a meeting with the Assembly’s Regional Development Committee until after the Westminster election, has said :

“Danny Kennedy should pack his bags and go, ”

David McNarry told the DRD committee that Danny Kennedy’s letter to the committee chair (See attached) was reprehensible. 

“It seemed the election was more important to him than his ministerial duties. He has his priorities all wrong.”

“Here we have a Minister unable to meet the chairman until after the election on an important issue. Kennedy couldn’t care less, the election is clearly his priority. He should pack his bags and go.


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