MCNARRY challenges Sinn Fein on UKs EU referendum


David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has challenged Sinn Fein to come clean on the United Kingdom’s referendum on continued EU membership.

He said:

“I know that Sinn Fein are dedicated supporters of the EU, but it’s time we heard how they feel about the United Kingdom having a vote to stay in or come out of the EU. What role will they play in this ever-so British decision?”

“Will they actively campaign for the United Kingdom to stay in Europe or will they be neutral and call for an abstentionist vote? In this general election, people have a right to know Sinn Fein’s position. We know that they take the pay for not participating in Westminster. What we don’t know is : will they participate in a British referendum?”

“So, come on Sinn Fein. Are you in or are you out in this British matter. Tell us the truth – how will you play it?”


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