HILL: UKIP is a party that cares about our military heroes

UKIP is a party that cares about our heroes,
By UKIP Candidate for North Antrim Robert Hill.
The military covenant is something other parties mention but it is a serious pledge for UKIP, as highlighted by the defence policies outlined by Nigel Farage this week.

As a party, we have been sickened by the complete lack of concern by politicians of all shades to date. As an Nation, how can we send our young men and women to foreign fields, to fight for our rights and freedoms and then abandon them when they return? It is wrong.
We in UKIP recognise the sacrifice paid by our service personnel, many of whom return with physical and/ or mental injuries. What has gone before in terms of looking after those that have looked after us has been practically non-existent. UKIP is a party committed to changing this.
UKIP pledges that in the future when our forces are sent to war they will be equipped with the best equipment for the job.
We pledge to issue veterans cards to ex personnel and those returning from active service which will guarantee fast-track through mental health care and services if needed.
We also pledge to offer ex- service personnel and those returning from active service a preferred chance of employment in police, prison service and border control with preference shown to those that have served at least 12 years.
UKIP wants to introduce a single Veterans Department to bring together under one roof  all veterans services to create one United service for all personnel past and present.
We support a National Service Medal for all who have served in our armed forces.
All the issues raised above will also be available to all service personnel recruited from overseas. 
Our service personnel have been ignored for far too long by the parties of old across this United Kingdom. Rather than talk about these issues, we ask you to vote for UKIP on May 7th and see action on behalf of our heroes.

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