MCNARRY: Watch for Cameron and Miliband breaking promises 


McNarry says watch for Cameron and Miliband breaking promises

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“It is both true – and significant – that none of the other Northern Ireland Parties will be in a position to prevent either Cameron or Miliband butchering policies which promote ‘Britishness’ and sustain our British identity. Only UKIP, the one party that represents all four parts of the United Kingdom can prevent a political climb down by these parties on matters of both principle and integrity.

It is alarmingly clear that the two ‘legacy’ parties – Conservative and Labour – are in complete agreement with one another.

  • On Immigration: be under no illusion that they want to continue our open borders with the European Union;
  • On Spending: they will all continue to increase Britain’s debt, and leave it to our children and grandchildren;
  • On Defence: they want to cut our armed forces, yet keep sending them into foreign wars, under equipped;
  • On Europe: they want continued membership, with false ‘re-negotiations’
  • On Foreign Aid: they want to keep spending British money abroad which we need to spend at home in ‘food-bank Britain.’

The DUP talk in pompous and grandiose terms about how they might prop up a Tory government or be inside a Tory Cabinet, but they say nothing about holding any new Government to account. 

What is making UKIP more convincing to the general public is that by putting enough UKIP MPs inside the House of Commons, voters know that UKIP, alone among the parties, will not do grubby deals based on self-interest.

What is appealing to the voter on the doorstep is that they know that, by putting enough UKIP MPs into the House of Commons, whoever is in power will be truly and properly held to account.” 


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