Lewis condemns recent burglaries in Clough


UKIP’s Down spokesperson Alan Lewis has condemned a recent spate of  burglaries in Clough Village. 

The most recent break in took place at the weekend, local resident Gemma Rushton returned home to discover someone had been trying to pry open  her back window which had broke in the process.

Lewis Says:

 “There has been a total of five reported burglaries in Clough village this past month, Clough is a tight nit community, I appeal for locals to be vigilant report suspicious cars and activity in the area. 

“I visited Ms Rushton On Sunday I have been advised the would be intruders cut themselves police were able to get some blood samples off the window. 

Lewis has also asked people to consider what they put on facebook.


“it’s easy for us to share photographs on Facebook of weekend breaks or days away this advertises your house is empty, I plan to meet with police in coming days.  


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