Stoker & Higginson meet Cllr Galloway: UKIP tackling social issues across UK


Earlier today, UKIP South Belfast Parliamentary Candidate Cllr Bob Stoker and UKIP West Belfast Parliamentary Candidate & NI Regional Organiser Brian Higginson welcomed UKIP Cllr Colin Galloway back to Belfast.

Cllr Galloway is the Leader of the UKIP Group of Councillors on Portsmouth council. Amongst the topics covered was the serious and ongoing issue of dealing with the sale and use of legal highs. Mr Galloway had approached Cllr Stoker for help knowing that during his tenure on Belfast City Council, the council has taken action against shops known for selling these dangerous substances. Councillor Galloway explained that there is currently a major problem with this issue of legal highs in Portsmouth.

The meeting was a productive one and after a good discussion and sharing of information, Cllr Galloway thanked Cllr Stoker and R.O. Higginson for the help and information. Cllr Galloway will now be using this information to set the wheels in motion to use the same action against shops who are selling these deadly substances, as currently it is costing almost 60% of the Portsmouth council budget tackling drug related issues!

Colin Galloway, a native Belfast man was glad to be back in Belfast to work with party colleagues. Todays meeting and other such meetings further reinforce the fact that UKIP is a truly national party that is working together and sharing information to tackle social issues across all four corners of this United Kingdom!


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