MCNARRY challenges BBC and ‘Economic Gurus’ in favour of Europe to debate


McNarry challenges the BBC – and the Economic Gurus they trot out in favour of Europe – to a debate …


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA, has thrown down the gauntlet to those who distort the facts on Europe such as the C.B.I. and Gerard O’Hare, who are feted by the BBC, on programmes such as Radio Ulster’s Business Programme.


“UKIP want our Country back and to be free to make our own laws, rules and regulations without interference by Brussels.  UKIP see the economic sense and logic in redistributing the £55 Million daily payment given to Europe to the local British economy.


These people, like the C.B.I. and O’Hare and certain, so-called, academic commentators argue that leaving Europe would create trade problems and barriers between ourselves and the Irish Republic.  This is far-fetched and untrue.  Leaving the E.U. (which the British people will vote for, provided that whoever is in Government goes for an in or out referendum) would be entirely on the basis of free trade between the United Kingdom and European countries.  Leaving the E.U. would also free the UK from barriers to trade outside Europe such as Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth Countries, just as Norway and Switzerland have successful, attractive arrangements to trade with the E.U.


The fact is the E.U. Countries export more to the UK than UK exports to them.  They would be crazy!  It would be an economic, no brainer for the E.U. to create any form of trade barriers.  Business is business, so long as the traders are paid.  No-one in their right mind would put obstacles in the way of buying and selling.  Are the C.B.I. and Mr O’Hare implying that Germany will cancel its sales of cars; that France will stop selling to us or the Italians will set up barriers forcing their companies to lose sales and money?”


“My challenge to the BBC, who promote these anti-British propagandists, is let me have a debate with whoever they favour and let the public decide in or out of Europe. Europe is not the biggest issue facing the public in this election.  But it is the single issue which will ultimately decide the future of the United Kingdom.


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