UKIP Higginson calls for apology from Biden over Orange remarks


UKIP PPC for West Belfast Brian Higginson has hit out at comments earlier today by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. Mr Biden remarked that ‘anyone dressed in orange wasn’t welcome’ in his house on St. Patricks day.

Mr Higginson said:
“I think that an apology is in order to the unionist community in Northern Ireland. I hope and trust that Mr Biden’s remarks are not reflective of official American foreign policy towards Northern Ireland. The Vice President’s careless comments certainly offered an insight into his thinking, and they aren’t helpful on a day when a cross community event in Belfast was marred by the unsightly scenes of sectarian, pro republican songs and the burning of a Union Flag. One would presume to think that a man in such high office would know better than to conduct himself in this fashion.”

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