MCNARRY: If Sinn Fein want an early Assembly election; ‘Bring it on!’


If Sinn Fein want an early Assembly election, ‘bring it on’ says McNarry 

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said :

“Sinn Fein are clearly on a wrecking exercise to bring about an early Assembly election. Well, bring it on! UKIP are ready to stand firm against this latest republican revolt. It is time that Sinn Fein was told, and time they got the message, that this is the United Kingdom and, like it or not, you are working the British system. You are either in or out; it is your choice, so make up your mind. Should you wish to propel yourself into martryrdom and into a cockpit of abstentionism and exclude yourself from exercising your mandate to participate, then do so.”

“Let us be frank, Sinn Fein have openly used their intention to veto the welfare reform bill. Only last week they voted for its inclusion in the budget. Today’s latest drama is, is therefore, both erratic and irresponsible behaviour. They want to veto a welfare bill which they turned into a separatist Northern Ireland version of welfare. They held out to have the vulnerable given special category payments for life. They wanted the fraudsters protected as well. Now, it is clear from their comments today that they do not give a toss about the vulnerable. They were playing politics and they have used them to win favour.” 

“As for the sheep in the SDLP, following the Shepherds in Sinn Fein what can one say? This party has lost its way – they are lost sheep walking blindly into the hands of the party destined to bring them down. How much further do they want to stoop before going into oblivion?”


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