Mid Ulster PPC Day opposes levy to replace licence fee


UKIP Mid Ulster Parliamentary Candidate Alan Day has come out against a proposed household levy to replace the TV licence fee.

Commenting, Mr Day said:

“We should be looking to abolish the TV licence all together rather than introducing yet another tax on struggling householders.

With multiple TV platforms, catch up players, freeview, satellite, cable & internet streaming, the days of the BBC having a monopoly on our viewing habits are numbered.

Instead, the BBC and a recent select committee report are now proposing to charge people even if they don’t own a TV. Instead they want to introduce a household levy to replace the licence fee.

There is absolutely no reason in this day and age why the BBC cannot adapt their service and make a transition to an advertising model of funding, or to a subscription service whereby it would be funded by those that truly want it.”


Further info:

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