Strikes, Health, Welfare: This executive is out of touch

Strikes, Health, Welfare – the Executive is out of touch

UKIP Leader in NI

David McNarry MLA

Last Tuesday night the Assembly passed a Budget in the cover of darkness, cloaking over the Executive’s management of austerity and cutbacks. Now we have Health Workers balloting for strike action, lawyers and barristers threatening strike action – and a Health Service totally out of control and unable to meet patients’ needs.

I ask you; Is this the result of a ‘fit for purpose Executive? Or is this  the work of an out of touch Five-Party Coalition which is clueless in managing our financial affairs?

Clearly it is the latter.  We have an Executive programme for Government sinking in a fiscal quicksand.  Soon the Big Two, the DUP and Sinn Fein, will enforce Welfare Reforms with ‘special categories’ not available anywhere else in the UK – special only to the cheats and fraudsters of Northern Ireland.

Welfare Reforms, inaccurately costed, if costed at all but ‘COSTING MONEY WHICH IS TAKEN FROM THE HEALTH SERVICE TO SAVE LIVES’.

Today the Health Service is reeling from its own ineffective management able to hide behind government cuts.  Tomorrow its funding due to Welfare Reforms N.I. Limited will be reduced.

Yet this failing Executive carries on impervious to Patients in Pain.  It is a carry on too, when the Ulster Unionists, Alliance and SDLP have the gall to stick in the Executive.

Had they any guts or integrity, they would get out and join with UKIP in opposing Sinn Fein-DUP misrule.

Let’s await with interest their Election Manifesto promises on Health and Welfare, not forgetting Education, jobs etc. 


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