MCNARRY: This budget is a loser’s budget


McNarry calls budget a loser’s budget and berates the UUP, Alliance and the SDLP for being part of it

David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has descried the Stormont budget as a ‘losers budget.’ 

This budget is down to the corporate work and agreement of a coalition of losers. The DUP and Sinn Fein are the power players in the coalition and this is their budget; but what on earth are Alliance the SDLP and Ulster Unionists doing backing this Budget ? These losers should not be in the government coalition. Rather, they should be here with UKIP denouncing this Budget and fighting with UKIP to expose this Budget’s incredible assumptions and inescapable spending as nothing more than a Budget for the hangers on. Yet it is they who are hanging on.”

“But like the people looking in from the outside as UKIP do – there isn’t a hope of the losers: Alliance with its two unbalanced Ministers – unbalanced in the sense that they weren’t entitled to two Ministers in the first place, the SDLP with its single Minister representing its sister party’s leader Ed Milliband. Then there are the Ulster Unionists with their one Minister staying put in case his departure sparks a leadership challenge. These three – the UUP, Alliance and SDLP – aren’t even a success in opposing measures inside the five party coalition. It is therefore, perhaps, no wonder that they haven’t got the guts or the integrity to pull out and go into opposition with UKIP.”

Mr McNarry added:

“What is the defence offered for this budget by the UUP, Alliance and SDLP? It is the ‘in it together and already side-stepping issues’ defence. It is the ‘not me guv’ defence. Unable to unhinge themselves from their Executive Masters – the DUP and Sinn Fein operating a brazen double-act.  To the UUP, Alliance and SDLP I say :  you don’t need to be in it, you could oppose it, you don’t need to form a strategic official opposition with all the perks. You just need to stick to some principles, if you could recognise a principle that is. It’s your budget – not mine – and UKIP has no part of it.”


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