Higginson: It’s time that West Belfast had a voice in parliament

Commenting on his selection as the UKIP Candidate to fight the West Belfast  Constituency in the forthcoming Westminster Parliamentary Election, Brian Higginson said:

“I am honoured and delighted to be selected as the UKIP candidate to stand in West Belfast  on the 7th May.

“I will be working to get the UKIP message out to the electorate loud and clear that we are the only viable alternative to the  local  parties that either boycott Parliament or have little or no say if they attend. As the current MP for the area is an abstentionist MP, how can he truly represent the whole community of West belfast?”

“By voting for me and for UKIP, I can assure you that I would be taking my seat in the house of commons. West Belfast as an area needs serious inward investment brought to some of the direlict sites across this constituency. 
By lobbying in Westminster and working with other government agencies and departments and national businesses; UKIP as the only truly National party  standing in these elections will fight to bring much needed jobs and investment into the area.  

“I would lobby to increase much needed social housing across the constituency. One of the other key priorities for me is to make sure that the Royal Victoria Hospital is given the proper funding to retain staff and increase frontline services. During the course of the campaign, I will highlight some of UKIPs recently released policies on the NHS. UKIP plans to invest  £3billion into our NHS frontline services across the UK – without adding to the national debt. 
By returning a UKIP MP, I can assure you of a positive, pro-active and fresh approach to politics in West Belfast; Instead of the current failed policy of non engagement which doesnt serve the interests of the people of west belfast.


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