MCNARRY: SOS Villiers has shunned unionist culture and heritage


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA says:-

Under Theresa Villiers’ occupancy of the N.I.O. Unionist Culture & Heritage has been shunned. To its shame the N.I.O. does not operate a Pro-Union, Pro-British Agenda befitting a Government Office of Her Majesty’s Government.

After allowing her Proxy Parades Spokesperson, Martin McGuinness, to insult Unionists by announcing that the Villiers, Twaddell Parade Panel was scrapped. How can any Unionist do business with this Secretary of State or trust her in any dealings. She will be well gone after the May elections.

The way to real purposeful and meaningful understanding of both the Drumcree and Twaddell situations begins when the Orange Lodges complete their journeys home!

From that point, detailed plans can commence for accommodating the local communities’ rights to celebrate the 12th of July.


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