Jordan attacks big parties for Council carve-up


UKIP Councillor Noel Jordan attacks big parties for Council carve-up

“hiding behind d’Hondt to deliver jobs for the boys”

UKIP Councillor Noel Jordan has said that the carve up of council committees by the big parties, hiding behind the artificial d’Hondt system, was a denial of proper democracy and an attempt to deny the smaller parties a fair chance to represent their communities at every level in the new super council.

“D’Hondt is an appallingly un-democratic system , another European device aimed at silencing the people’s voice and undermining our British standards of fair-play and democracy. It suits the big parties to have a carve-up and to hide behind d’Hondt in carrying it out. What they are saying to us is that the votes of all communities are not equal and not respected by them. “

“This lack of respect for all communities and all voters is at the heart of a kind of contempt the big parties have for ordinary people. I want to warn them that the people are now wise to this and are watching them. I most certainly will not be stopped from speaking up for my community and for the ordinary people of Mid and East Antrim.”


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