JONES: Minister Wells; stop blaming an ageing population and get to work!

UKIP Upper Bann Councillor David Jones on A&E Admissions:


“And so we have it. All of the Local Health Trusts have stopped routine operations in order to cope with A&E Admissions.
Of course, the same old excuses will be once again be trotted out:
A peak in demand. – Why what happened? It is winter after all; why was this ‘peak’ not foreseen?
We have an ageing population: Well sorry for living so long then!

I recently heard of a lady who was in the middle of her planned admission to hospital. She was prepped for the operating table to receive a long-overdue hip operation when she was told that the operation ‘was being delayed due to chronic A&E waits.’ Just imagine how you would feel in that situation? After years of pain and discomfort, you arrive in the right place for surgery and then nothing happens. Would you like it to happen to a relative of yours? Simple answer: No!

So where now? Does our Executive go with its begging bowl to borrow more money, or is this just part of the so called efficiencies or cut backs? While our decision makers argue the bit out on the hill; what about those ill, suffering or waiting for much needed hospital care?”

It is time for Health Minister Wells to bite the bullet. There is far too much bureaucracy in our health system. We do not need more NHS managers and box tickers. Our medical professionals are also under enormous pressure and overburdened with the tick box data collection culture. We need more Doctors, Nurses and other front-line staff. We do not need more bureaucracy!

The NHS was designed for all. It must and can move with the times, but only when those in charge set about that properly. The current changes have not worked. Managers can manage a Supermarket but you do not manage a hospital like you manage a Supermarket. Let’s hope that those waiting at A&E and for surgery are dealt with soon. Then what? We wait for another crisis or peak of course.

There is obviously no one simple overnight answer to all of the NHS problems more generally; but come on Mr Wells, rather than blaming an ageing population and ‘chronic conditions,’ get to work, start thinking logically and sort out the mess. After all, that’s what you get your ministerial salary for.”


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