MCNARRY: UUP Rudderless AND ‘Up the Swanny’ over Stormont House Talks


Commenting on the UUP’s recent handling of the talks, and their subsequent actions, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has today said:

“The UUP Executive find its leadership evasive on the deal and today split in a vote over the Stormont House Agreement.

UKIP understands that the UUP Executive cracked earlier by voting to “note” the agreement. It appears that Mike Nesbitt told his party executive that it “wasn’t an agreement” it was “only a heads of agreement deal.” 

Commenting further, Mr McNarry added:

“Wait for this one folks. It is reported that the reason the Twaddell Parades Panel fell was solely because the ‘Secretary Of State forgot all about it.’ 

UUP noses must have grown a foot or more over the course of today; how truly embarrassing.

How can the UUP stay in the executive and strike a budget without any policies?”


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